Monthly Archives: May 2017

Spring Update

    We are halfway through our Peony Project Master Class Series and as a result FlowerSchool NY has been looking especially beautiful! Shane Connolly kicked off our Peony Project Series on April 20th with a beautiful design of seasonal lilac, huge cherry blossoms and gardenia peonies. The studio was awash with purple blooms and smells of Spring. Shane also taught students his coveted method of… Read more »

A Beginners Open Studio with Flowers and Essential Oils- June 6th!

    Flowers have impacted our lives through history and culture as well as our health, emotions and mood. Flowers are not only pleasing to the eye, but can offer many holistic benefits when distilled into essential oils. In this unique Open Studio bio-alchemist and aromatherapist, Michelle Gagnon, will accompany FlowerSchool’s Calvert Crary in giving… Read more »