2 Day Advanced Wedding Series with Summer Robbins


Our Advanced Wedding Series focuses on advanced skills for the wedding market. It presupposes knowledge of certain techniques such as proper flower processing, basic arranging and familiarity with the florist’s knife, as gained through FSLA’s Intensive Series. The Wedding Series includes step-by-step instruction of five wedding-specific design skills including: hand-wiring individual flowers for boutonnieres and head wreaths, large scale designs for ceremony decor; elevated centerpiece designs for the reception and the decoration of a Chuppah and flowering arch. Our students walk away from The Advanced Wedding Series with a great understanding of the most important wedding mechanics and designs!







Class 14: Wiring Flowers for Head Wreaths and Boutonnieres (Day One: 10:00am – 1:00pm)

In this class students learn how to choose flowers for boutonnieres and head wreaths based on longevity and appropriateness for each application. Hand-wiring techniques will be demonstrated for specific flower types and then applied to each application. Students will take home a head wreath and boutonniere as created in class.










Class 15: Elevated Centerpiece Designs  (Day Two: 10:00am – 12:00pm)

This class will feature elevated designs for events or weddings. This style allows for a floral component to be raised at least 24 inches off the table, which greatly changes the direction and viewpoint of the design. Students must concentrate on the viewer’s perspective as well as making a perfectly round design building on techniques from both our Intensive and Advanced Design Series.










Class 16: Decorating the Ceremony Site with Flowers (Day One: 1200pm-5:00pm)

In this class, students will learn how to decorate a ceremony site with large-scale, 180-degree arrangements. A short talk will focus on vessel choice and scale of arrangements. The instructor will demonstrate how to prep a large-scale container with foam-free mechanics, and create a three-sided arrangement that is structurally balanced as well as stunningly beautiful! Students will work in groups to recreate large-scale arrangements.









Class 17: Decorating Chuppahs and Arches with Flowers (Day Two: 1:00pm – 4:00pm)

A brief discussion on the meaning and appropriateness of Chuppahs, arches and canopies for wedding ceremonies. Construction of a canopy or Chuppah will be created and students will learn specific techniques for applying flowers to canopies. The floral canopy will be decorated collectively by the group.






About Summer Robbins 

Bend Oregon based, Summer Robbins is one of the West Coast’s leading wedding floral artists.   Having blended her love for hands on creative work and a passion for weddings and all things romantic, she has developed a style and skill much loved and appreciated by her clients.  Parsons School of Design trained, Summer spent over a decade in the world of fashion, working as a designer and personal stylist.  After graduating from the Floral Design program at FlowerSchool NY in 2014 and working for many of the countries top design firms, Summer is now at the top of her craft and pleasing clients in Oregon and beyond.

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