Skincare Workshop: Botanicals for your Biome with Mandi Nyambi, October 16th (6:30pm – 8:00pm)


photo by Chelsea Shapouri

Give your skin a vacation from harsh scrubs and chemical treatments which not only clear out bad bacteria but also the good bacteria we need to keep our skin radiant and glowing. Author and skincare expert Mandi Nyambi, founder of the online skincare cooperative baalm, will explain how to restore your skin’s unique microbiome using all natural, botanical ingredients.

Each participant will make a custom facial scrub and face mist, and will also receive a copy of Mandi Nyambi’s bestselling new book, Fresh Face: Simple Routines for Beautiful, Glowing Skin Every Day.

Workshop time is 60 minutes with a 30 minute Q&A after.

About Mandi 

Mandi Nyambi is the author of  the #1 Amazon new release Fresh Face: Simple Routines for Beautiful Glowing Skin, Every Day. She is the co-founder of baalm (formerly Le CultureClub with Layna Olmsted), a digital co-op and newsletter that champions science and transparency in the skincare space. Mandi has been featured on ForbesThe Daily Mail, and TechCrunch. Prior to launching baalm, she studied stem cell biology and human nutrition at Harvard and Columbia respectively.

Her latest project is in wellness tech, bringing the science of skincare to everyone who wants a new relationship with their skin. 

Baalm is a digital community focused on bringing transparency to skincare and creating tools that make it easier to find the right products for your skin. Their digital tool lets you know if your products are a good match for your skin goals. Join their community at to receive newsletters on the best in skincare, debunking all of those must-have products and informing you of what’s really good.  




The Book!

FRESH FACE is a guide to skin care that offers countless ideas, tips, and tricks for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. Mandi believes that skin care is not just about managing blemishes but can be used as a coping mechanism to radically change the way your soul and psyche are fed.










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Skincare Workshop: Botanicals for Your Biome with Mandi Nyambi, October 16th (6:30pm - 8:00pm)