Event Worthy Exotics with The Boy Who Cried Flowers


Anthony Maslo, also known as The Boy Who Cried Flowers, has been adding his exuberant touch to floral installations throughout the Southland.  A master of color and movement, Anthony’s keen eye for detail has led him to collaborations with many of LA’s top design firms, including The Flower Boy Project and Wild Flower Boom.

In this course, Anthony will demonstrate his techniques for creating stunning arrangements using exotic blooms.  Learn how to work with and how to chose the product to create the perfect visual accent for any important event or exciting venue.  Anthony will share some of his favorite types and tricks he’s develop to both showcase and accentuate the exotic and exuberant nature of tropical botanicals.  With Anthony’s guidance, each student will produce a stunning arrangement featuring some of tropical blooms such as heliconia,  anthurium, and of course, vibrant orchids.

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Event Worthy Exotics with The Boy Who Cried Flowers: April 18th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm