The Organic Compote with Ariella Chezar


“If you’ve never used a compote for flower arranging before, you might want to seek one out. When you need a bouquet that rises above the table, but you want to preserve the fullness and scale that a bowl provides, a compote is the perfect container. The compote’s bowl allows flowers to relax into their natural postures.” An excerpt from Flowers for the Table, 2002


A signature of Ariella Chezar, the compote, can be challenging but is an effective container with a shallow depth and footed base. It is ideal for a romantic style which enables flowers to look their most natural.  During this class, students will make two compote designs—one best for a centerpiece or dinner party, and a second, larger design best for a sideboard or entryway. Ariella will teach the best techniques to create a lush, romantic and natural aesthetic compote design including how to appropriately use a flower frog. This is a special opportunity to work with a true master of color, style, composition and shape.

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January 16th, 10:30am-3:00pm