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Flower Color Guide


By Darroch Putnam & Michael Putnam

Planning a wedding, a dinner, a birthday party, a romantic evening, holiday entertaining, or just arranging flowers for the pleasure of having them, more often than not your creative process begins with thinking about the color of the flowers that you want. To help you find what you are looking for, Flower Color Guide is the first reference book to organize flower types by color, with an emphasis on seasonality and creative color schemes – and the results are stunning in their sheer variety. What Pantone is to color, Flower Color Guide is to flowers.

Plant Tribe: Living Happily Ever After with Plants


by Igor Josifovic

Pre-order now; releasing March 2020.

This new book by the authors of the bestselling Urban Jungle addresses the life-changing magic of living with and caring for plants. Aimed at a wider audience than typical houseplant books, each chapter combines easily digestible plant knowledge, style guidance via real home interiors, and inspiring advice for using plants to increase energy, creativity, and well-being and to attract love and prosperity

Color Me Floral: Techniques for Creating Stunning Monochromatic Arrangements for Every Season


by Kiana Underwood

Learn the secrets to designing show-stopping monochromatic arrangements: In this stunning book, Kiana Underwood shares her techniques for creating dazzling single-color displays using inspired ingredients, dramatic textures, and vibrant colors.


Blooms: Contemporary Floral Design


By Phaidon Editors

A glorious survey of work by more than 70 contemporary floral designers who are extending the boundaries of their art, Blooms celebrates the explosive impact that floral designers from the last decade have had on a previously under appreciated art form.

This stunning book is the most ambitious survey of contemporary floral design ever published and demonstrates just how far these innovative designers have pushed the boundaries of contemporary floral design.

In Full Flower: Inspired Designs by Floral’s New Creatives


By Gemma Ingalls

In Full Flower is a compilation of a new wave in contemporary floral design, featuring artists who combine traditional techniques with an organic, free-form, “back-to-nature” style. The opposite of buttoned-up and manicured arrangements, this survey includes over twenty of the most celebrated and influential artists across the United States who are rewriting the rules of floral design.


Image by Floret Flowers

Living Floral: Entertaining & Decorating with Flowers


By Margot Shaw

For this inspirational, yet instructive, book Shaw presents portraits of top tastemakers at home who share their joy of flowers. From interior designers Charlotte Moss, Suzanne Rheinstein, and Bunny Williams, and event designer Tara Guerard to floral and garden experts Sybil Sylvester and P. Allen Smith and culinary consultant Alex Hitz, these luminaries impart their personal botanical point of view. 

Style Me Pretty Weddings: Inspiration and Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration


By Abby Larson

For the 2 million monthly followers of powerhouse wedding blog, the major mainstream hit with serious indie cred (think Domino meets Etsy meets Martha Stewart Weddings), and for all brides looking for fresh new inspiration, editor in chief Abby Larson offers an eagerly awaited, entirely unique, and gorgeously photo-rich wedding resource.

Paula Pryke Wedding Flowers: Exceptional Floral Design for Exceptional Occasions


By Paula Pryke

This sumptuous book showcases the work of one of today s most highly regarded floral designers. Paula Pryke leads you through every decision, from the choice of a theme to the selection of individual flower varieties, offering a wealth of ideas along the way. With fabulous suggestions for every aspect of wedding floral decoration, from the flower girls headdresses to the garlands on the top table, from the cake decoration to a grand pedestal arrangement, this book will be invaluable to every bride.



Styling Nature: A Masterful Approach to Floral Arrangements


By Lewis Miller

Renowned New York–based floral designer Lewis Miller presents a fresh take on the arrangement and display of flowers—discussing the approach to and the inspiration behind his lavish creations. Lewis Miller’s first book features lush, naturally lit still lifes of his beautiful arrangements and compositions.


Matthew Robbins’ Inspired Weddings: Designing Your Big Day with Favorite Objects and Family Treasures


by Matthew Robbins

Matthew Robbins, Martha Stewart’s right-hand wedding expert, approaches each wedding design with an object that the couple finds meaningful, and in this inspirational guide, he shows you how to do the same. In Matthew Robbins’ Inspired Weddings, Matthew will walk brides through his process of transforming the special into the spectacular by choosing nine objects around which to base a wedding design

The Art of Floral Arranging


By Eileen Johnson

Learn how to create breathtaking bouquets from the master florists of Flower School New York. Trendsetting celebrity designers whose high-profile clients include Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Anna Wintour, Gucci, and Tom Ford, join forces with entrepreneur Eileen Johnson.

Senstational Bouquets by Christian Tortu


by Christian Tortu

This gorgeous volume celebrates the floral designs of Christian Tortu, who has dazzled followers the world over with his ability to create novel compositions that show off the shapes, colors, textures, and singular beauty of individual flowers to their ultimate advantage.

Flowers for the Table: Arrangements and Bouquets for All Seasons


By Ariella Chezar

Filled with lush seasonal arrangements, Flowers for the Table is the perfect guide to creating a gorgeous centerpiece for any celebration or gathering. What makes floral designer Ariella Chezar’s work so distinctive is her utterly contemporary approach. In the 24 stunning arrangements included, she demonstrates how to fashion centerpieces out of flowers, branches, fruits, fabrics, and unusual flea market treasures.

The Flowers of La Grenouille


By Charles Masson

To think of La Grenouille, one of New York City’s finest restaurants, is to think of exquisite food, lush surroundings, and perhaps above all, gorgeous flowers. Ever since its doors opened in 1962, La Grenouille has been known for its peerless bouquets, and in The Flowers of La Grenouille the mystery and the history behind these beautiful flowers are revealed.

Simply Elegant Flowers With Michael George and Bob Shuman


By Michael George

New York’s premier fashion industry florist, Michael George is known for his signature graphic, modern arrangements that are as popular in Manhattan hotels and storefronts as they are on the pages of Vogue and on the set of Good Morning America. In Simply Elegant Flowers, George shares his secrets for creating these beautiful arrangements as he guides you, season by season, through a year of flowers.

Living Art: Style Your Home with Flowers


By Olivier Giugni 

Olivier Giugni, the renowned floral artist, presents stunning portraits of his sumptuous creations in a variety of private homes, along with detailed descriptions of their design and placement?and recipes for a dozen of his signature arrangements.Life is color and color is life. This is the mantra of Olivier Giugni, founder and owner of L?Olivier, the sleek floral design atelier in Manhattan.

A Year in Flowers


by Shane Connolly

This book pushes back the boundaries of flower arranging, looking at it as art and decoration. The flowers are all photographed against carefully chosen backgrounds which brings out their amazing color and detail. Shane Connolly was responsible for the flowers at the recent royal wedding and lectures regularly in the United States.



by Carolyne Roehm

It has been more than a decade since Carolyne Roehm first shared her love of gardening and flower arranging. Now, for the first time ever, she turns her own photographic lens to that passion with Flowers, showcasing more than 300 images of the varieties in her abundant gardens, all captured at their most vibrant and exquisite moments throughout the season.

Flowers A to Z: Buying, Growing, Cutting, Arranging


by Cecelia Heffernan

In the main section, arranged alphabetically from Agapanthus to Zinnia for quick access, magnificent full-page photographs depict each flower at its finest. Smaller images offer handy visual guides, showing the difference between fresh and older flowers and demonstrating the care required for that particular type. A special quick-reference box on each flower offers: the flower’s various names; the varieties in which it comes; available colours; scent; characteristics of freshness or aging; vase life in number of days; and relative cost.

Bringing Nature Home: Floral Arrangements Inspired by Nature


By Ngoc Minh Ngo

Unlike most flower-arrangement books, which rely on expensive and often nonseasonal flowers from florists, this book presents an alternative that is in line with the “back to nature” movement. This is the first volume to showcase how to be inspired by nature’s seasonal bounty and bring that nature into the home through floral arrangements.