Student Resources

The list of names and resources in the below list has been compiled by FlowerSchool Los Angeles and consists of companies that we feel are providing outstanding service to floral designers. We encourage you to start relationships with companies who provide stellar service in addition to those who uphold ethical business practices.

    • Campo de’ Fiori
    • 1815 N. Main Street, Rt. 7,
    • Sheffield,,
    • MA 01257
    • We believe that exceptionally beautiful flowers call out for a visual partner in an exceptional vessel. We make a wide array of distinctive, classically-inspired mossed terra cotta pots for both planting and arranging, cast stone statuary, lighting, and other useful and beautiful garden implements. Most of our products are made by hand in Mexico by artisans we have known for years. They are made to return harmoniously to the earth whence they come.
    • 413-528-1857